Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Beginning of the End!

Welcome to what my husband has started calling the beginning of the end! Sitting in the back room of the house-I can get lost in craft world!  So, this is my attempt to document the craftiness I attempt to have.  Some may say artsy, but that I am not...if you put a pencil in my hand, all you would get is scribbles.  But when it comes to embroidery, photography, and the newly found vinyl passion...that I can handle.   For those of you who don't know, I was blessed enough to receive a Cricut Expression from my hubby this Christmas.  I have quickly become addicted to it, and by the end of the month, will probably have a vinyl letter on every inch of my house!  Enjoy a few pictures of the first few things I have done :-)

If you see something you like or want me to make something for you-feel free to ask!

These are coasters I made for some friends...even though I don't like UGA!
first cuts (6 of 6)

This is my coaching clipboard and the team logo
first cuts (5 of 6)

A daily reminder in the bathroom
first cuts (3 of 6)

One of the plates I made for a friend

first cuts (1 of 6)

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  1. would you be willing to share your svg files for the sqiggly tile and the friends plate? They are darling!


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