Saturday, January 23, 2010

Monogram Plate

One of my very best friends got engaged last night and I was asked to be a part of the proposal by taking pictures (see the photo blog in a few days to see pictures!).  There was no way I could be a part of such an awesome proposal and not bring a gift! I etched a plate with their names and future monogram initial! Shortly after she opened it, other friends were telling me they expect one when they get hitched :-)

This is still with the vinyl on it...its sometimes hard to see the full detail on etched glass through a picture, so I will start showing both versions!

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  1. I'm curious how you got the etching to look so uniform. I've had problems with uneveness on much smaller items despite seeming to put the Armour etch on fairly consistently. Yours looks wonderful. Tips? Thanks!


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