Sunday, January 10, 2010

Trying Out New Designs!

I got an awesome zebra print design from a sweet lady on a message board I follow! This is my first attempt at the cut and I must say-I am pretty excited about the way it turned out!  The swirly design is one I found as a clipart sample and converted it.  Its not as funky as the zebra, but I still love it!

This is a sanitizer bottle I did for my desk at school.  We go through sanitizer quite rapidly, but now I will just refill the bottle :-)

These are two margarita glasses I did for a friend to give as a birthday gift! It was my first attempt at vinyl on something really curved...I need more practice.  Even so, I like the way they turned out!



  1. cute stuff! Love the swirly design on the coaster!

  2. love the zebra print and the adorable margarita's funny because when I looked at them on the MB this am, I wondered if you had a blog or not :) great work!

  3. Great work.
    I love all them all!!!!!


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